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Ultima Weapon Edit

This Boss can be found after completing the quest Dimension Connections, handed out by Shinra. Ultima Weapon is located at the top left corner of the map.

Ultima Weapon

Stats Edit

Level 80

HP: 94,008

MP: 42,790

Attack Type: Demon

Attack Range: 225

Attack Damage: 1,300-1,304

Armor Type: Fortified

Armor: 104

STR: 1,249

AGI: 1,038

INT: 1,186

Ultima Weapon has 30 X-Potions in his inventory, which can cure for 1500 HP each.

Skills Set Edit

Slow, Flare, Pillar of Light (instakill with delay), Ultima

Drops Edit

50,000 Gold (Sometimes)

Spirit Potion or Blood Ether

3 Crystal Shards

May drop Ultimate Weapon, with higher drop rate on higher difficulties.


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