Treasaure LocationEdit

This All Tresaure Location Never Change.

Forest Essence

Location 1 - Guardia Forest

  • Near the "Black Lord".

Treasure: Forest Essence



Location 2 - Barrens

Barrens' Sand

  • Near the Forge.

Treasure: Barrens' Sand


Location 3 - Farm

Carob Nut
  • Near the portal.

Treasure: Carob Nut



Wild Soul

Location 4 - Farm

Near the Boss about Quest Holy Knight

Treasure: Wild Soul






Location 5 - Northern Mountain

  • Near The "Bothers" Boss.

Treasure: Mine Mineral



Tropical Essence

Location 6 - Central Islands

  • Near the Quest Item "Phoenix Egg" location.

Treasure: Tropical Essence




Location 7 - Naga Island

  • Near The portal.

Treasure: Theurgic Water


Location 8 - Lothlorien

  • Near the Big Tree.
  • Near the Yukale.

Treasure: Ancient Spirit




Location 9 - Snowy Mountains



  • Near the Barrel and Igloo.

Treasure: Unique Ice Shard


Location 10 - Dark Dragon Marsh

Fairy Doll
  • Near The "Tonberry".

Treasure: Fairy Doll (Quest Item)

Tip: Fairy Doll give to the PuPu.



Location 11 - Northern Mountain

Black Hole
  1. After Complete Dimension Connections Quest, Shinra will creates a portal.
  2. Go in the portal.
  • Under The Magic Vault

Treasure: Black Hole (Quest Item)

Tip: Black Hole use to summon Diablos.


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