Tower of Summoning is the 30th optional quest. It can be obtained by talking to Ramuh on the distant island, which can easily be reached either by the use of the Blue Portal or by ship. The objective of the quest is to defeat Quezacotl, the thunder bird. The incarnation of Quezacotl fought in this quest is depend on character's level and has super attack speed but the armor will always stay as 5 point of Heavy Armor. His abilities include Thunder Storm (Multishot) and Lightning Shield for 30 points of damage along with Solid Skin. Once defeated, the player must talk to Ramuh again to complete the quest. They gain control over the Tower of Summoning at which they can summon various Eidolons whose alleagance they gained.

Completing the quest also unlocks the team "Lords of Bolt" in the Arena's Ningen Cup.

Possible Summons

  • Quezacotl
  • Phoenix
  • The Brothers
  • Eden


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