Job Abilities Strategy

Abilities Edit


Stealth(Q) Edit

Allows the thief to become invisible. Increases movement speed (100% at master) for a long duration. Also provides damage when broken (500 at master)

Additional Info

Great ability for both mobility and escaping from combat. Beware of Armor Break, as it will reveal you. When invisible, the Thief can go through units but will be blocked by items on the ground.

Fan of Knives(W) Edit

Thief hurls a volley of knives, dealing damage to nearby units (1500 at master)

Additional Info

This ability has a short cooldown and is useful earlygame, as it's Thief's only AoE.

Poisoned Dagger(E) Edit

Hurls a poisoned dagger at the target unit, dealing initial damage and then damage every 3 seconds (600/100 at master). The poisoned unit also has attack speed and movement speed reduced (60% at master).

Additional Info

This is an amazing debuff to help Thief survive. It greatly slows enemy attack speed.

Critical Strike(R) Edit

Gives a 15% chance to deal bonus damage (7 times at master) on attack.

Additional Info

The multiplier on this Critical is unbelievably high, and the percent is not too low either.

Mug(T) Edit

Steals gold when attacking enemy units (6 at master) and provides an increased item drop chance when killing a unit.

Additional Info

You can trigger this ability over and over by pressing Stop if you want some extra money.

Spell Evasion Edit

Once every 30 seconds, Thief may evade hostile spells targeted at her.

Additional Info

Can be useful for blocking field enemy's' stuns.


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