Slay Kilrog is the fourteenth optional quest. It can be obtained by talking to Meliadoul after completing the quest Brothers. However, the quest is unique as in if the player completes the objective of the quest prior to accepting it, the quest will be instantly complete upon obtaining it. The main objective of the quest is to locate and take down the corrupt orc leader Kilrog the Mighty. The island where his encampment can be found on is east of the Farm. The player must battle through a rather large camp of rather weak orcs to get to Kilrog himself. The easiest way to reach the island is to buy a ship at the Shipyard and then send it down to the water passage between the Barrens and the Farm. There the player can board the ship and sail over to the island. After defeating Kilrog, the player can return to Meliadoul to complete the quest, which nets them 3000 Gold and EXP.

Kilrog is equipped with and has a 1/4 chance to drop the Touph Ring. This accessory is rare and is the only one to have a passive spell block ability.

Mae'chen also has information about Kilrog for 400 Gold, telling of his connection to other Samurai and speculating over how he obtained the Touph Ring.

The Fountain of Blood in Kilrog's camp drops the unique treasure Demon's Blood. Kilrog himself also has a chance to drop Samurai's Amulet upon death. The chance is normally 30%, however it rises if the killing unit is a Thief with the Mug ability:

Mug Level 1: 53.8% chance
Mug Level 2: 76.9% chance
Mug Level 3: 100% chance

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