Shadow is a powerful mercenary that can be hired to help you in battle. He is also a main part of the quest Lost_Memories.

Location Edit

  • Shadow will not start spawning until you talk to him in Kalm.
  • He will always spawn first in Kalm at the point where you talked to him.
  • He will stay at his spawn point for 5 minutes or until hired.
  • From 2nd spawn onwards he will choose a random point on the map to spawn.
  • The level of the last owner determines which regions Shadow can spawn in.
  • When hired, leaving the party will result in him being unavailable for 7 minutes at which point he will resume his previous spawn behaviour.
  • Shadow will leave Gaya if his motivation dips below 0.

Motivation Edit

  • Shadow's level and items are affected by his motivation. 
  • Paying him high will increase motivation while paying him low will decrease it. Paying him too low may result in him refusing to join the party at all which heavily decreases motivation.
  • Shadow's HP when leaving the party is a factor. 100% =Large increase. >75%=Moderate increase. >50%=Slight increase. >25% =Slight decrease. <25%=Large decrease
  • Shadow's kill count when leaving the party is a factor. <10=Large decrease. 10-20=Increase. >20=Slight decrease.

Additional Information Edit

If you give Shadow a Phoenix down before his timer reaches 0, he'll respawn on the same spot with 500 hp and he'll stay with you permanently (until his hp reaches 0) making him a powerful meat shield to beat most superbosses on your own easily. However, you won't be able to drop/change his equipment.

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