Mystical Glyph is the twentieth optional quest. It can only be obtained by finding the Mystical Glyph which drops from monsters. The player must bring this glyph to Storm the Pandaren Merchant in Kalm. Storm will then take three minutes to research it after which the player can talk to him again to complete quest. Storm rewards you with 600 EXP and now sells three mystery rituals. There is also an entry in the Kalm News about this.

The dropping of the Mystical Glyph is actually precisely calculated; it depends on the player's kills. They must exceed the following value when killing an enemy:

(2000 - (Hero Level of Player)) - (Level of Killed Unit)^2

Rewards Edit

The mystery rituals are permanent buffs that your Spirit of Gaya bestows on your hero. All rituals cost 4500 Gold and two Crystal Shards - they are saved from version 0.9.4 onwards, so the player doesn't have to complete the quest and buy the rituals every game.

Glyph Power I is a buff that increases the hero's damage by 25%, permanently.

Glyph Power II is a buff that increases the hero's attack speed by 25%, permanently.

Glyph Power III is a buff that increases the hero's armor by 20, permanently.

Note that the order of the Glyph Powers is reversed in the shop.


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