The Mystery Note Edit

Mystery Note 1

A mysterious note.

Contains somo incomprehensible mysterious words.

can only get in the mode NORMAL, HARD, VERYHARD

Uses For Mystery Note Edit

The Mystery Note Is a Secret Item With incomprehensible mysterious words it serves for unlock the Quest The Northern God

with which you can invoke a SuperBoss ODIN The Divine Eidolon

Mystery Note 2

But to achieve it has to meet certain requirements:

1-Have finished 45 Quests included (Northern Mountains, Manifestation of Evil and Dimension Connections)

2-At least have a minimum of 2000 KILLS

3-Later Have 2000 deaths Go to the Northern Mountains Area And Start Killing Wizards until one throw it.

4-When Finally Have The Mystery Note In you Inventory go where Hashmalum Die And close the doom gate the hours of the night 22:00 or over 2:00 Write in the chat "Sleipnir" and wait

5-Congratulations you have finally invoked Odin our world we are now condemned begins to pray.

Odin Wild 1

6-Just kidding but now seriously

Odin Only it appears and Want Fight with you

if you got the balls to face him

He teleports to the place when you pass closing where is the door of Ultima Weapon.


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