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These objectives are very small quests that will not be found in the quest menu that leads to various rewards. There are several mini-quests to be found in the game and most of them are usually worth the time to complete.

Secret Barrels

I felt like you'll know that there are 10 Secret Barrels who create a blue glow when they are destroyed. Click on the link in the previous sentence for tips and locations of the barrels.

Fire's Stock

This miniquest can be started after completing the quest Elixir. When completing it, Fire tells the player that he is always interested in rare potions. If the player sells specific potions to him, he will comment on it and ask you to bring him more. If he is given enough charges of that potion, he will soon start making them himself and sells them in his stock. The following potions work:

MegaLixir 50k G.jpg
  • Greater Nectar - 20 charges
  • Spirit Potion - 10 charges
  • Blood Ether - 10 charges
  • Hero Drink - 5 charges
  • Remedy - 10 charges

If all 5 types of potion are sold to Fire in sufficient quantities

Fire will also reward the player with a free Megalixir and all players 50000 gold.

Exotic Stones

After four and a half days have passed in the game, Kesha's Place is robbed. At this point, it will no longer sell the special brew and Exotic Stones appear all over Kalm, five in total.

  • Stone #1 is located just east of Kesha's Place.
  • Stone #2 is located in the northeast of Kalm, near Halaster.
  • Stone #3 is next to the Enchanted Items store north of Fire.
  • Stone #4 is to the left of Mae'chen.
  • Stone #5 is in the very north of Kalm, in the dead end to the right.

If the player returns all the stones to Kesha, they are rewarded with 500 Gold and Kesha now sells his special brew again. Additionally, the player can now subscribe to Kesha which makes them buy a special brew automatically whenever they die.

Bali's Forge

This miniquest can be done after completing the quest Arcanium. If the player sells specific materials to Bali's Forge, Bali will make new equipment out of it.

Bali Forgefire for a link to all different recipes


Defeat the optional bosses Nilrem, Ro'gall, Darianius and Centaur Genghis Kahn to make the Magic Vault vulnerable. The Magic Vault is located in an island access via the portal created in the Quest Dimensional Boundary. The player must take this item to the Dark Dragon Marsh and then use it, which will release Hades.

Getting a Chocobo to dig in the Magic Vault's spot also grants you the Black Hole, which allows you to summon Diablos in the Arena of Darkness. When Hades and Diablos are both defeated, they can be fought again in the Battle Arena Demon Cup, under the team Devil Duo.

Boco the Chocobo

Boco is the Chocobo of Ao Madoushi. He can be fed Gyshal green which will unlock Mittens greens at random digging spots on the map. After that, Boco teleports to a small island north of Elysium, which you need a Red Chocobo to reach. Once you find Boco there, dig in front of him to get a Sylkis green, which can upgrade your red chocobo to a white one.

Completing the above steps also unlocks the team Bobby Corwen in the Battle Arena's Chocobo Cup.

Friendly Monsters

There is a friendly monster in each area. Each such NPC requests a certain type of loot dropped from monsters in that area and gives some reward items in turn. As like any others spawn, NPC location in an area is random. Each friendly monster only spawns when you have done at least 100 consecutive kills in its area (your progress will reset if you kill a monster in a different area before reaching 100 consecutive skills), with the exception of Pupu (see below).

Area NPC Requirement Reward Required Kills
Guardia Forest Forest Troll Forest Essence Barrens Sand and 1 crystal shards 100
Barrens Centaur Archer Barren's Sand Tropical Essence and Spirit of Lowtown (5) 100
Central Islands Hydra Tropical Essence Wild Cry and Mine Mineral 100
Northern Mountains Ogre Warrior Mine Mineral Nethril and Wild Soul 100
Farm Golem Wild Soul Healing Herb and Theurgic Water 100
Naga Island Naga Siren Theurgic Water Serpent Gem and Ancient Spirit 100
Lothorien Satyr Ancient Spirit Save the Queen and Unique Ice Shard 100
Snowy Mountains Wendigo Unique ice Shard Soul Powder and Fairy Voodoo (Quest item) 100
Dark Dragon Marsh Tonberry Fairy Voodoo Mina 100
Random PuPu Fairy Doll (quest item)* Megalixir and Crystal Pieces 20 read bellow

* - Buried in the south section of the Dark Dragon Marsh, underneath the invisible Magic Vault.

To summon PuPu, you must alternate your killing between two areas (Naga Island and Dark Dragon Marsh are recommended due to their proximity). Kill one monster in one area, then switch to the other area and kill one more. Go back and forth until you kill over 20 monsters. PuPu will then spawn randomly anywhere on the map (but in an accessible land area, not underwater), with the appearance of a blue child.