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Fake Masamune Edit

Fake Masamune

This sword, exact duplicate of the original Masamune,

was given to Elmdor as a sign of his valor in combat.

But the evil spirit of the blade corrupted

Elmdor's mind and completely dominated him.


Name Level Location Dmg AtkSped Str Agi Int
Fake Masamune 11 Northern Mountains Kill Elmdor 20 25% 6 10 0

Masamune Edit

is one of the Legendary Weapons and requires that one have a class at level 99 in order for it to be equipped. It is acquired through the Bazaar.
"Deadly katana once wielded by Sephiroth."


Name Level Location Dmg AtkSpd% STR AGI INT Other Effects
Masamune 85 Bazaar 100 50% - 50 - 20% chance to deal 3x damage

(v. 0.9.5)

92 Bazaar 200 30% 50 50 20% chance to deal 3x damage

Masamune C (Cursed) Edit

Now More Powerfull Thanks To The Scroll Cursed


Name Level Location Dmg AtkSpd% STR AGI INT Other Effects
Masamune C 99 Ring Of Darkness Killing Gilgamesh 2 150 50% 25 75 0 20% chance to deal 3x damage And Decrases Int 60

Creation Masamune In Bazzar Edit

Sell the following to unlock [Legendary Katana] - Masamune from the Bazaar:

2x Dark Crystal
1x Scarletite
1x Nethril

Items needed to make Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal (2x Shadow Stone, 2x Flask of Darkness 1x Energy Crystal)
Dark Crystal (2x Ghoul Claws, 2x Tome of Cursing, 1x Energy Crystal)

Items needed to make Energy Crystal
Energy Crystal (1x Satyr's Hoof, 2x Hydra Toxin, 3x Scarletite)

Items needed to make Shadow Stone
Shadow Stone (1x Enchanted Rock, 4x Scroll of Shadows)

Items needed to make Scarletite and Nethril
Scarletite (1x Nethril, 2x Mine Mineral, 1x Wild Soul)
Nethril (3x Enchanted Rock, 2 Barrens' Sand)
2x Nethril (4x Enchanted Rock, 1x Samurai Amulet)

Friendly Ogre will gift 1x Nethril.
Selling 2x Arcanium Imitate will make Bazaar offer 2x Scarletite.

Improvised step to making Masamune
1. Get your Energy Crystal from the Bazaar first.
2. Get your Scarletite and Nethril second.
3. Excluding the Energy Crystal, sell the ingredients for both Dark Crystal.
4. Sell Energy Crystal to unlock 2x Dark Crystal from Bazaar.
5. Sell the ingredients from steps 1 and 2 to get Masamune.