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Lion Heart is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, requiring level 99 to wield. This weapon made its appearance in Final Fantasy VIII as one of Squall Leonhart's best weapons. The FFERPG version was made parallel to this weapon using 'rare' materials to create it including Adamantite which may be referencing to Adamantine in FF8.


Specifics Edit

An incredibly strong sword once owned by Squall.
Damage +100
Attack Speed +50%
Stats +50 Str, +50 Agi
Renzokuken At 33% Health or less for 3x damage


FOREWARNING: The game tracks the number of ingredients you sell to the Bazaar; however, once the ingredient(s) hit a particular requirement to unlock any single item, those will be reset back to 0. So, to avoid any potential setbacks and headaches, it is strongly advised that one unlock each individual item precisely (i.e. selling the exact amount of items to unlock one single item).

Sell the following to unlock [Blue Shimmering Blade] - Lion Heart from the Bazaar:

4x Adamantite 2x (1x Death Seeker, 2x Sharp Rock, 2x Damaged Adamantite, 1x Scarletite)*
*produces 2x Adamantite

2x Energy Crystals 2x (1x Satyr's Hoof, 2x Hydra Toxin, 3x Scarletite)

Items needed to make Scarletite and Nethril
Scarletite (1x Nethril, 2x Mine Mineral, 1x Wild Soul)
Nethril (3x Enchanted Rock, 2 Barrens' Sand)
2x Nethril (4x Enchanted Rock, 1x Samurai Amulet)

Friendly Ogre will gift 1x Nethril.
Selling 2x Arcanium Imitate will make Bazaar offer 2x Scarletite.

Improvised Items
Improvised Enemy/Region
16x Barrens' Sand or 6x Barrens
2x Arcanium Imitate Arcanium Golems
2x Death Seeker Northern Mountains
16x Mine Mineral or 12x Northern Mountains
4x Sharp Rock Northern Mountains, Farm
24x Enchanted Rock or 13x ER + 1x SA Northern Mountains, Farm, Gilgamesh
8x Wild Soul Northern Mountains, Farm
4x Hydra Toxin Central Islands
4x Damaged Adamantite Central Islands
4x Satyr's Hoof Lothlorien Forest

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