Leviathan is one of the Eidolon Bosses for Eidolon Challenge. He is located between west of Central Island region and Farm region. He will not appear until a ship or Samurai passes by in the river. If the ship meets the Leviathan, it will immediately be destroyed. On the other hand, if a Samurai meets Leviathan, he will just spawn beside.However, if he spawns and no one engages him, he will immediately go straight to North-East of the Naga Island region. He is one of the strongest boss among Eidolon Bosses.

Leviathan's Stats Edit

  • Level 40
  • 418 - 438 Holy Damage
  • 36 Heavy Armor
  • Strength 331
  • Agility 373
  • Intelligence 329

Leviathan's Ability Edit

  • Solid Skin
  • Magic Break
  • Power Break
  • Haste
  • Shell
  • Blizzard

Current map developers: Karifean, psxlover

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