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  • Materia cooldowns can be reset by changing class, allowing for rapid leveling of Water and Earth.


  • PvP mode will let Lancer Jump skill got bug. After you use Jump skill kill player will die.

Non-player characters (NPC)Edit

  • If got 2 player complete quest in instant mode, will let all player can't move.

Hero Gone Edit


  • You can enter Snowy Mountain early by using the Transport Turtle and creating Summoner summons past the wall, making Excalibur 2 very easy to obtain.
  • Summoning Gilgamesh at Ring of Darkness makes the game permanently think a cinematic is being played, rendering enemies immobile forever and making it impossible to trigger any new cinematic.

House Portal Edit

  • If you use House Portal on Snowy Mountain(near player's house) you can teleport to Snowy Mountain.

Battle area team's crashEdit

Team 4-0
  1. In the Chocobo Cup, one of the team's have 50% possibility's to make the whole game crash. Is it the Treasure Hunters?
  2. In version 0.94, Team Treasure hunters spawn 3 chocobo who each have as power, a characters DPS, and 2 X his hp at lv 99. Is it balanced? Over 1,000 DPS and 55,000 HP.

Current map developers: Karifean, psxlover

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