Hashmalum, The Regulator, is the difficult boss of the 8th story quest, after obtain the quest Destroy Hashmalum from Celeborn as well the gates to Snowy Mountain will open. This boss is much harder and power difference very big compare to Gafgarion. When his hp drop to 1(You still received exp), he will call forth the evil warlock Velius and Velius will heal his health completely, Hashmalum cannot be killed until Velius is defeated.

Hashmalum's stats Edit

  • Level 50
  • 417 - 431 (+125) Demon Damage
  • 31 (+33) Demon Armor
  • Strength 345 (+5)
  • Agility 325 (+30)
  • Intelligence 296 (+5)

Hashmalum's Item Edit

  • Fel Axe
  • Unholy Shield
  • Diamond Helmet
  • Sorcerer's Robe
  • Germinas Boots
  • X-Potion

Hashmalum's Ability Edit

  • Uncanny Dodge (Reduce from piercing and spell damage)
  • Summon Infernal Templars
  • Devour Magic
  • Blind
  • Curaga
  • Rage
  • Critical Strike

Velius's stats Edit

  • Level 45
  • 242 - 356 (+54) Demon Damage
  • 13 (+10) Light Armor
  • Strength 153
  • Agility 149
  • Intelligence 196 (+24)

Velius's Item Edit

  • Thunder Wand
  • Sorcerer's Robe
  • Aegis Shield
  • Helm of the Magi
  • Cat's Ring
  • Nectar

Velius's Ability Edit

  • Mana Burn
  • Bolt
  • Sleep
  • Haste

Hashmalum and Velius Drops Edit

Hashmalum will drop Fel Axe, Blood Ether and Crystal Shard. Velius will drop Cursed Wand, Greater Nectar and Crystal Shard.

If Gafgarion, Hashmalum and Velius is defeated, you may now fight them in Battle Arena as "Demon Trio".


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