Gilgamesh 2 is a Ring of Darkness event. He is dramatically harder than the first Gilgamesh you fight on the bridge.

(0.9.4 A bug causes summoning him to break all cinematics in the game and pauses all enemies. Since everything that gilgamesh2 drops can be obtained from shadow in the battle arena - you can completely ignore this boss unless you need a masamune cursing scroll)


Stats Level 91

Damage Melee 1923-1962

Armor Heavy 180

Str 1360

Agi 1820

Int 1180

Third Set In Inventory

Masamune C

Genji Shield L

Genji Mask Y

Genji Armor D

Touph Ring

Samurai's Amulet

How to SummonEdit

Do the Bridge-Battle quest. After you obtain excalipoor by beating Gilgamesh, take it to the bottom right area of the map accessable only by a white chocobo, and place it on the ring of darkness. Gilgamesh will teleport to you, say that he has waited so long to fight, and the fight will begin.


He has Call Enkidu, Battle Frenzy, Solid Skin, Haste, Poisoned Dagger, Mineuchi (7 sec stun), Attack-Speed Plus, Iainuki (Powerful crit).


1 Genji gear, 1 Genji cursing scrolls (same as Shadow) And Always The Masamune cursing scroll.

Sometimes Can Drop Too Samurai's Amulet


Current map developers: Karifean, psxlover

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