Gafgarion, The Dark Knight, a difficult boss to fight, he will appear when the evil warlock Velius comes and resurrect him back to life, thus the quest automatic obtain Kill Gafgarion. He located just below of Gnoll Camp.

Gafgarion's Stats Edit

  • Level 40
  • 227 - 237 (+65) Normal Damage
  • 13 (+60) Heavy Armor
  • Strength 225 (+15)
  • Agility 125
  • Intelligence 140 (+30)

Gafgarion's Item Edit

  • Rune Blade
  • Platinum Shield
  • Platinum Mail
  • Platinum Helm
  • Blazer Glove
  • Mega Potion

Gafgarion's Ability Edit

  • Shield of Faith
  • Haste
  • Bolt
  • Mana Burn

Gafgarion's Drop Edit

He drops Rune Blade and Crystal Shard.


If you already done the Holy Knight quest, Ramza the strong ally will come aid you to fight Gafgarion after the cut scene, this will make fighting Gafgarion easy to fight


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