Fire Golem's Heart is the seventh optional quest. It is obtained by talking to Alma 60 seconds after completing the quest Phoenix. The objective is to find and kill the Fire Golem. Upon defeat, he will drop the Fire Golem's Heart.

Four minutes after completing this quest, the player may return to Alma to obtain the quest Mithril Golem's Heart.

If the adventurers have allready completed the Tower of Summoning Phoenix becomes summonable.

Fire Golem

The Fire Golem boss is located directly north of the Northern Mountains teleporter. He deals 69-80 normal damage, has 10 points of fortified armor and boosts 7000 base HP and 500 MP. He is the immune against spells like Fire and Firaja but will still take damage from other spells like Bolt. He has Incinerate and Throw Boulder.


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