Find Artifact is the second quest in the main storyline. It is acquired automatically upon completion of the previous quest, Find Mid. The objective of this quest is to find and kill the Dark Goblin Chieftain, pick up the Mysterious Artifact and bring it back to Cid and Mid. The Dark Goblin Chieftain is located in the southwest corner of Guardia Forest, south of where you freed Mid and north of Nilrem. Upon completing this quest, the player will receive no reward (this is the only quest in the game that has no reward), and instead the next quest is obtained immediatly, Stop Cid.

Dark Goblin Chieftain

The Dark Goblin Chieftain deals 42-49 piercing damage at a 500 range, has 5 normal armor backed by 2350 base HP and 350 MP. He has the abilities Bloodlust and Slow.


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