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NOTE: The new versions onward (0.9.5 +) needs Warcraft III version 1.29 or higher, as it makes extensive use of new native JASS functions added in this update!


Final Fantasy Epic RPG is a custom map in WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is RPG-styled with numerous references to and characters from Final Fantasy, although it does not share the basic style of gameplay. The map is currently being developed by Karifean and psxlover.

The current version is 0.9.5 release on 04 January 2018.

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0.9.3 Logo, featuring Odin and Sleipnir

Long before Noah built his ark, there were tales of an ancient land named Gaya, which is a world where swords and sorcery reigned. Its learning and power were swept away when the Crystal was destroyed, but one clue to its secrets remained: an ancient book known as the Gran Grimoire, hidden in darkness by the powers that once were. It is not certain how many copies of the book still exist, but it is said that whoever should hold one holds the power to change the world



The story takes us to the world of Gaya on the city of medieval Kalm where monsters, curses, magic and sword fighting still exist, the citizens of Kalm are concerned by the recent aggressive behavior of the monsters surrounding the city and are worried that Kalm might be overwhelmed, in search of solutions, Cid as the head of the community asks the aide of the players to investigate why such calamities takes place.

As the players move to find the cause of these events, it will lead them to forests, barrens of wasteland, mountains and islands swarming with aggressive monsters and bosses to which they must overcome,

Later as the story progresses, the players then discovers that there is a plot behind all of these and the culprit is planning an even chaotic scheme that may ultimately put Kalm into destruction and must be stopped at all cause!

There are 21 Jobs you can choose from and each has its own unique playstyle.



Current map developers: Karifean, psxlover

Characters   Almighty ShiraBattle OrganizerMega-Tonberry
Teams   Split DevilWarring Triad

Guardia Forest - Barren

Forest   NilremBoco the Chocobo
South from Barren   Centaur Genghis KahnKilrog

Farm - Central Island

Central peninsula   Gnoll ChieftainGafgarion
Central Island  Gilgamesh
Far east   Gilgamesh 2DiablosPenance

Northern Mountains

Mountain   ElmdorDarianiusRo'Gall
Far-West   Ultima WeaponOdin
Portal   Omega Weapon

Lothlorien Forests - Naga Island

Lothlorien   Yukale
Naga Island   Leviathan

Dragon Marsh


Snowy Mountains


Eidolon and ally

ShivaDark EidolonFriendly Monsters