Eye of Jenova is the fifth quest in the main storyline. It is obtained instantly upon completion of the previous quest, Ao Madoushi. The player must find and defeat the Tainted King Queklain to retrieve the Eye of Jenova and bring it to Ao Madoushi. Queklain can only be found by going into Kalm's Battle Arena which can easily be reached by teleporting there with Thorn's aid. Once in the arena, the player must participate in a cup. The last team the player faces is always King Queklain. Queklain can only appear in Guardia Forest, Barrens, Mountains and Island Cups. Once the player picks up the Eye of Jenova, new enemies spawn near Ao Madoushi, much like in the previous quest. This time, it's four Infernal Knights and one Infernal Templar. Once the Eye of Jenova is brought to Ao Madoushi the quest is complete and the players are rewarded with 2000 EXP and 1500 Gold. Ao Madoushi also starts channeling an unknown spell until completion of the eighth quest in the main storyline, Destroy Hashmalum. The player may now talk to Cid to obtain the next quest in the storyline, Night Elves.


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