Shinra location

Shinra's location

Dimension Connections is the fortieth optional quest. It is one of the more hidden quests of the game as the character who gives this quest to the player, Shinra, is easily missed. Shinra is located in Kalm just northeast of Cid, behind some trees. The quest requires the player to travel the world to find specific artifacts.

  • The first item to be found and brought to Shinra is a Death Seeker, which can be gotten by approaching the tomb in the Northern Mountains after defeating Darianius.
  • The second item is some Tropical Essence, which can randomly be obtained by killing enemies on the Central Islands.
  • The third item is the Guide Book, which can only be found by inspecting sunken ships around the world - there are six in total and the player must inspect three of them to obtain the Guide Book.
  • The fourth and final item to be found is the Qu's Frog Head. It can only be obtained by killing the Qu Frog in Kalm just northwest of Shinra.

After all the items have been brought to Shinra, he goes to the Northern Mountains. The player can meet him there, he creates a portal and the quest is complete. Shinra rewards the player with 6000 EXP, 5000 Gold and returns to Kalm. If the player has already completed the quest Night Elves, they may talk to Shinra again to obtain the quest Shinra's Plan.

The locations of the six sunken ships that can contain Guide Book are as follows:

  1. At the Shipyard.
  2. Just west of Galbados Church (tower you met Agrias, island south of Central Island).
  3. In the north of Naga Islands.
  4. South of Farm, below the waygate to the Ancient Forest.
  5. On the island of the Corrupted Orc Camp.
  6. Eastern part of the Dark Dragon Marsh, must traverse water to reach.

Getting Qu's Frog Head is not simple. The Qu's Frog can only be attacked and killed if all three Magic Frogs around it cast its magic at the same time. All three have a 1/3 chance to cast their magic, which only lasts 1 second. There is a lockout that prevents the Qu Frog from being invulnerable for any longer than 42 seconds in succession.

Completing this quest is a requirement for many other quests, for instance Arena Expansion, The Bridge-Battle and The Strongest Eidolon.


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