Dark Knight is the seventh quest in the main storyline. It is obtained through a cinematic that starts four minutes after completion of the previous quest, Night Elves. The cinematic has additional dialogue should the player have defeated the optional boss Tainted King Queklain. The objective of the quest is to kill Gafgarion, a dark knight summoned by the demon Velius. Gafgarion is located south of the Shipyard Waypoint, near the Gnoll camp. He can be a difficult opponent to defeat at low levels. Upon defeating Gafgarion, the player is prompted to return to Celeborn and talk to him. Doing so will complete the quest and award the players with 2500 EXP and 3500 Gold. Also, the player is now able to buy the artifact accessory Griever from the Ancient of Wonders. Two minutes after completing this quest, the player may talk to Celeborn again to obtain the eighth quest of the main storyline, Destroy Hashmalum.

If you kill Agria before accepting quest for Gafgarion, Ramza will help you in fight.


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