Cid the Engineer is another person not originating from Gaya.


Cid has 42+15 Strength, 43 Agility and 48 Intelligence. He deals 50-60 (+50) normal attack damage while having 4(+59) armor and 3625 HP and 920 MP due to equipment.

He wields a Rune Blade alongside a Platinum Shield and is clad in Platinum Mail and a Mithril Helmet. As an accessory he carries a Defense Ring and for healing purposes 5 charges of Hi-Ether.


Cid, along with Ao Madoushi, Celeborn, and Galadriel is one of the the four questgivers for the mainstoryline and in fact the one handing out the starting quest to Find Mid.


Cid hands out the following quests:

After completing the quest Manifestation of Evil, you can fight him in the Battle Arena in the Ningen Cup. He is the team "Master Engineer".


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