Breeding chocobo example

Chocobo breeding is a system implemented in FFERPG to breed your own personal transport. This frieds could boost you with abilities. Note also that a white Chocobo is a requirement to encounter Penance.

How does it work?Edit

This is not all Chocobo who has the potential to grow! Only those who are the result of a breeding may develop the potential to grow.
Chocobo potential tooltips
A potential is a number who influence the effectiveness of a breeded Chocobo ability.

Read also The ability's section bellow.

For every successful dig you order him to do, the number would rise until this chocobo grow into a new colored type or bird. Read also The digging section bellow.

In version 0.93, Chocobo could have a potential who grow from level 1 to level 8, until they change. In earlier version, this amount have been cut to 5.

Once a Chocobo have changed color, they may keep or lose their ability to grow even stronger. So, as long as you see the Chocobo potential buff, that mean this chocobo could graduate into a new color. Read also The breeding value section bellow.

The white chocobo
As you can see if you really want to train a White Chocobo, the easiest way to obtain one is by breeding one catch inside Snowy Mountain, with one catch inside Lothlorien forest using nothing less than a Zeio Nut. (Value of 4 + 3 + 3 = 10). Ten is the minimum required as breeding value for your Chocobo to ever go into his white color. After that, you have to order the new Chocobo to dig until he found the required amount of success to evolve into his white version.

Read also the color type section bellow.

Breeding BasicsEdit

Basic Yellow Chocobos are rated 1 to 4 depending on where they originated while Special Chocobos are rated 5 and 6.

Color (Location) Rating
Yellow (Guardia Forest) 1
Yellow (Central Islands) 2
Yellow (Ancient Forest) 3*
Yellow (Snowy Mountains) 4
Red and Blue 5
White 6

*Yellow Chocobos created through breeding also have a rating of 3.

Chocobo typesEdit

Chocobo Types

From Left to Right "Master", "Tier 3", "Tier 2", "Basic" Chocobo. There are 4 types of Chocobo in total.

Yellow - Basic - Used as a breeding base
Blue - Tier 2 - Can walk on water
Red - Tier 3 - Can fly over terrain
White - Master - Can move through anything unimpeded

Nut typesEdit

Nut Types are rated on a scale of 0 to 3

Nut Type Rating
Pram Nut 0*
Luchil Nut 1
Carob Nut 2
Zeio Nut 3

*Pram Nuts can't be used for breeding.

( 0.9.4 Patch, *Luchil , Carob can be found through Digging using Chocobo or from Chocobo's Cup. If you got Carob Nut, i suggest you find Luchil nut and sell it to bazaar along with pram nut, so you will get Zeio Nut. *Keep in your mind, always use Higher Rating Nut, unless you want specific Chocobo's Rating for Breeding )

Carob nut
Luchi nut
Zeio nut

Breeding's valueEdit

Chocobos bred gain a value based on next equation:

(ChocoboA's Rating) + (ChocoboB's Rating) + (Nut's Rating) = (ChocoboC's Value)

This gives an outcome of 12 different types possible since chocobo's value can vary from 3 to 15. A bred Chocobo's value dictates the type of ability it gets and its total potential for growth. For example to obtain a White Chocobo one must breed at least a Chocobo with a value of 10.

Value Ability Potential Starting Color
3 Quick Fast Join None Yellow
4 Shadow Mimic None Yellow
5 Trickster's Sprint Blue Yellow
6 Regeneration Blue Yellow
7 Teleport Blue Yellow
8 Feather Aura Red Yellow
9 Chocry Red Yellow
10 Choco-Armory White Yellow
11 Chocobo Slow White Yellow
12 Choco-Banish White Blue
13 Chocobo Haste White Red *(0.9.4 Patch,

Still Blue)

14 ChoCommander White Red
15 Attack - White


Carob Nut

Treasure : Depending on a Chocobo's potential for growth they may be able to upgrade into the next tier of Chocobo through an activity known as "Digging". To dig with a Chocobo you must feed them Dead Peppers and pay attention to the reaction of the Chocobo in what is essentially a "Hot and Cold" game. There are items buried around the world in random fixed locations, meaning they can always be found in the same spot, but the digging locations differ per game.

Usually Digging is hard for the newbie people, because you are not sure if you do the right thing. So if you want an example, go to Lothlorien's Forest or Ancient Forest, from there , find the biggest tree or Fallen Ranger's Tree, And try to give Dead peppers to your chocobo while circling the tree. Dont do it too far from one point to another, usually you'll find Ancient Spirit near that tree.

Reaction Distance Analogue
Waaaaark Far (~In other location) Cold
Wark! Medium (~In same location) Warm
Wark!! Near (~Around) Hot

Possible Digging Locations


  1. Island south from Omega Weapon (Curse Scroll: Staff of the Magi)

Guardia Forest

  1. The patch of rocks you'll see a tiny bit South-South-West from Mid's cage
  2. A tiny bit further down from no.1
  3. A few steps North-West from Ao Madoushi


  1. Right from Bali, by the cactus
  2. North-West from teleporter, South-East from destroyable building, half way between the teleporter and the building

Central Island

  1. Bottom left of the right island
  2. Left side of the left island on the patch of watery land where you can land with a boat
  3. Just a few steps South-West from teleporter

Northern Mountain

  1. On the left side of the Materia Obelisk
  2. Right from Pandemona, Left from Brothers, left from the big rock


  1. In the corner of the rabbit camp
  2. Right from Gafgarion, by the tree with the log and rock
  3. On the right side of Agarias' Tower

Naga Island

  1. At the very top by the tree left from the ship wreck
  2. Bottom right corner by the statue


  1. Right in front of the Great Tree
  2. East from the Naga Island gate, South from the northern Treasure Crate, on a mushroom next to some rocks

Snowy Mountains

  1. The patch of trees left from Echelon the ice demon
  2. If you scroll up from Zalmo the priest you'll see a large group of ice shards. Just a few steps right from the ice.

Dark Dragon Marsh

  1. South from the Teleporter in the bottom left corner of the area (Fairy Doll's location)
  2. A few steps right from the Fairy Doll location

As you can see, every 8 successful dig, the color of the Chocobo could change. Note also this is not every Chocobo who has the potential to grow up to the White version. See the breeding value section.


After 8 successive digs with a Chocobo that has potential to grow will upgrade into the next tier. Many Chocobo abilities have multiple ranks and grow in power with each sucesssful dig capped at 5.

Ability Name Ability Description Ability Rank 1 Ability Rank 2 Ability Rank 3 Ability Rank 4 Ability Rank 5
Quick Fast Join Fast Join with a shorter Cooldown 25 Second Cooldown
Shadow Mimic Allows a Chocobo to hide at night Untested No Noticeable Change
Trickster's Sprint Untested Untested
Regeneration Allows a Chocobo to recover a portion of life Untested
Teleport Allows a Chocobo to teleport to any target in range. Untested
Feather Aura Movement and Attack Speed increase aura Att Speed 2%, Movement 20%
Chocry Taunts Non-Hero enemies to the Chocobo 3 Targets 6 Targets 9 Targets 12 Targets 15 Targets
Choco-Armory Allows a Chocobo to Defend 25 armor 30 armor 35 armor 40 armor 60 armor
Chocobo Slow Reduces enemy Movement and Attack Speed 15% Attack Speed 10% Movement Speed 25% Attack Speed, 20% Movement Speed 35% Attack Speed, 30% Movement Speed 45% Attack Speed, 40% Movement Speed 55% Attack Speed, 50% Movement Speed
Choco-Banish Turns an enemy non-hero Unit ethereal and reduces movement speed by 50% 15 Second duration 18.75 Second duration 22.5 Second duration 26.25 Second duration 30 Second duration
Chocobo Haste Increases an allies Movement and Attack Speed 5%  Movement and Attack Speed 10% Movement and Attack Speed 15% Movement and Attack Speed 20%  Movement and Attack Speed 25%  Movement and Attack Speed
ChoCommando Melee attack damage aura 5%  Melee Attack Damage 10%  Melee Attack Damage 15%  Melee Attack Damage 20%  Melee Attack Damage 25%  Melee Attack Damage
Attack Allows a Chocobo to attack without a rider!

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