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Genghis Khan the Greater Centaur is a boss can be found in bottom right of Barrens Region and he is the only mini boss is not Hero Type but an elite unit. He has high hp like Ro'Gall.

Genghis Khan's Stats Edit

  • Level 25 Boss
  • Base HP 9000
  • 91 - 100 Normal Damage
  • 15 Heavy Armor

Genghis Khan's Ability Edit

  • Power Break
  • Forked Lightning
  • Evasion
  • Resistant Skin

Caution of Centaur Sorcerers Edit

The Centaur Sorcerers are most troublesome along with Genghis Khan due to the ability to curse (blind) any opponent, they are a greatly support to Genghis Khan.

Centaur Sorcerers Ability

  • Bloodlust
  • Blind
  • Slow

Story plotEdit

If Genghis Khan is defeated, you may now fight him in Battle Arena as "The Greatest Khan"

Genghis Khan is One of the Four boss require to kill in order to make Magic Vault become vulnerable to obtain Magic Urn.


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