The Bazaar is located in Kalm just behind Fire's shop.
Bazaar outside

The concept is from Final Fantasy XII
It is all about selling unique items that monsters drop to the Bazaar which may create new items! You can also sell to any shop, not just to the Bazaar, but you'll always have to buy from the Bazaar.
You'll want to spend the time gathering items and selling as you can get anything from cheaper deals on Potion packs or Phoenix Downs -- all the way to some of very powerful equipment!
Though a word of caution: If you are trying to specifically make something, narrow down your selling to that specific item you're trying to create as sometimes the combos conflict and you may get something you didn't intend. One of these examples is the Energy Crystal noted below. Per example if you want to obtain a Book of suffering and you start selling a pack of Book of death, you may end up with Strange necklace instead.

Note: The Bazaar begins the map with some ingredients.

  • 2 Scrolls of Shadows
  • 18 Arcanium Imitate
  • 18 Abomination Eyes
  • 10 Wolf Fangs (After completing Wolf Fangs)

List of Bazaar Goods Edit

Consumables Edit

Item Bazaar Name Gold Shards Ingredients
3 Potions Pack of Potions 20 - 12 Spider Leg
1 Goblin Warrior Head
3 Ethers Tincture 30 - 1 Triton Head
2 Goblin Staff
3 Hi-Potions Medicine 125 - 3 Goblin Wizard Head
2 Goblin Warrior Head
2 Hi-Ethers Magic Recovery Pack 80 - 2 Power Sphere
3 Phoenix Downs Feathers of Revival 300 - 1 Goblin Warrior Head
2 Goblin Wizard Head
1 Goblin Staff
5 Phoenix Downs Phoenix Pinion 470 - 9 Spider Leg

3 Harpy Feather

3 Nectars Nectar Bottles 1,000 - 3 Forest Essence
5 Mark of the Claw Power Cry 90 - 4 Wolf Fang
2 Centaur Head
2 Greater Nectar Super Drink 6,000 - 2 Treant Twig
2 Gnoll Head
Hero Drink Ambrosium 200 - 2 Triton Head
2 Dragon Skull
Megalixir Final Elixir 62,000 2 1 Healing Herb
1 Adamantite
2 Dark Crystals
2 Blood Ethers
2 Spirit Potions
Blood Medicine 13,000 - 1 Gran Grimoire-Fake
2 Troll Head
Water Materia Crystal of Water 4,000 1 2 Theurgic Water
3 Troll Head
Quake Materia Crystal of Earth 6000 1 3 Barrens´ Sand
2 Wendigo Claw

4? Wolf Fangs

Aero Materia Crystal of Wind 8,000 1 2 Tropical Essence
4 Harpy Feather
2 Wild Soul
Seal Materia Crystal of Dark 10,000 1 3 Flask of Darkness
2 Book of Suffering
Zeio Nut Nut of Deliciousness 6,000 - 1 Pram Nut
1 Luchil Nut
1 Carob Nut
Magic God Token Statue Talisman 33,333 33 3 Aire Tam Enib Moc

Treasures Edit

Item Bazaar Name Gold Shards Ingredients
Shadow Stone Negative Rock 7,000 - 1 Enchanted Rock
4 Scroll of Shadows
Healing Herb Plant of Recovery 33,333 3 1 Treant Twig
2 Lizard Skin
1 Harpy Feather
Nethril Gemsteel 15,000 2 3 Enchanted Rock
2 Barrens' Sand
2 Nethril Greather Mithril 28,000 3 1 Demon's Blood
1 Samurai's Amulet
Scarletite Unbreakable Metal 21,000 2 1 Nethril
2 Mine Mineral
1 Wild Soul
2 Scarletite** Shining Steel 25,000 - 20 Arcanium Imitate
Adamantite Gaya's Legendary Material 50,000 1 3 Theurgic Water
1 Turtle Tail
2 Damaged Adamantite
2 Adamantite Adamant Pride 70,000 1 2 Damaged Adamantite
1 Scarletite
1 Death Seeker
2 Sharp Rock
Energy Crystal Great Crystal 45,000 - 3 Scarletite

2 Hydra Toxin
1 Satyr Hoof

6 Crystal Shards Splattered Crystal 10 - 1 Energy Crystal
4 Crab Arms
Dark Crystal Spoiled Crystal 15,000 - 1 Energy Crystal
2 Flask of Darkness
2 Shadow Stone
Dark Crystal Shadow Force 15,000 - 1 Energy Crystal
2 Ghoul Claw
2 Tome of Cursing
Book of Suffering* Cursed Book 2,000 - 2 Death Seeker
1 Tome of Cursing
1 Book of Death
Eye of Xhauron** Pylraster´s Eye 8,000 2 20 Abomination Eye
Magic Scroll Parchment of Wizardry 9,000 - 2 Ancient Spirit
2 Gran Grimoire-Fake
Wild Cry Spirit of the Wild 5,000 - 2 Crab Arm
1 Eye of Xhauron
2 Ogre Head
2 Wild Cry Tropical Might 10,000 1 2 Wendigo Claw
3 Gnoll Head
1 Tropical Essence
Soul Powder (alternative, friendly wendigo reward) Damned Spirit 10,000 - 2 Gas of Corruption
1 Book of Suffering
1 Magic Scroll
Empyreal Soul Divine Power 30,000 4 1 Soul Powder
1 Wild Cry

2 Ancient Spirit

1 Unique Ice Shard

Serpent Gem Nature Stone 7,000 - 4 Lizard Skin
2 Hydra Toxin
3 Serpent Skin
2 Damaged Turtle Tail
Perfect Mark of Darkness Ultimate Power 250,000 10 All 16 Marks of Darkness
(see Dark Eidolon)
Perfect Mark of Darkness Dark Mark - 50 Perfect Mark of Darkness
Book of Suffering, Eye of Xhauron and (2x) Scarletite 
Since bazaar start with ingredients, per example when making loots, you could just sell 1 Book of Death for the Book of suffering.
For the two others, both require only 2 of their materials for the initial purchase as the Bazaar is credited 18 Abomination Eyes and 18 Arcanium Imitate. After this however you will be required to sell the 20 materials listed.

Equipment Edit

Item Bazaar Name Gold Shards Ingredients
Mithril Set Mithril Armory 8,200 - 3 Enchanted Rock
2 Mine Mineral
Barbarian Helmet
Crusher's Belt
Savage Helmet 5,300 - 3 Ogre Head
1 Serpent Skin
2 Centaur Head
Platinum Set Reinforced Gear 15,000 1 1 Dragon Skull
3 Sharp Rock
1 Damaged Adamantite
Fel Axe Edge of Corruption 6,000 - 3 Gas of Corruption
2 Forest Essence
2 Damaged Turtle Tail
Turtleshell Choker Strange Necklace 3,000 - 2 Book of Death
Necklace of the Necromancer Dark Necklace 3,000 - 2 Book of Death
1 Scroll of Shadows
Iron Duke Ring of Legend 250,000 28 1 Aire Tam Enib Moc
2 Soul Powder
3 Adamantite
Masamune Legendary Katana 100,000 16 2 Dark Gem
1 Nethril
1 Scarletite
Lion Heart Blue Shimmering Blade 400,000 20 4 Adamantite
2 Energy Crystal
Tournesol Sunflower 600,000 22 3 Empyreal Soul
3 Serpent Gem
3 Nethril
  • Every area have a drop who need to be unlocked by killing a certain amount of creeps inside the same area. As example, you may have to complete 2/3 of friendly monster's request before Forest essence, Barren sand, Tropical essence, ... start to drop.
  • Mithril Set: This purchase give 4 items, Mithril Sword, Mithril Helmet, Mail and Shield.
  • Platinum Set: Give Platinum Sword,Helmet,Mail,Shield
  • See Ancient of Wonders for others purchase you could unlock
  • Read also Bali's forge miniquest to find 2 new items you could buy

Loot Locations Edit

Location Loot
Guardia Forest Spider Leg, Wolf Fang, Forest Essence, Goblin Staff, Goblin Wizard Head, Goblin Warrior Head, Triton Head, Abomination Eye And Gas of Corruption (Nilrem's companions)
Barrens Barrens' Sand, Centaur Head, Harpy Feather, Lizard Skin, Abomination Eye And Gas of Corruption (Setag's companions)
Northern Mountains Mine Mineral, Power Sphere, Scroll of Shadows, Book of Death, Tome of Cursing, Ogre Head, Gnoll Head,Gran Grimoire-Fake, Arcanium imitate (Bloodstone Golem of Arcanium quest) Ghoul Claws(Possibly removed)-->(fight Darianius in tomb / Arena)
Farm Enchanted Rock, Sharp Rock, Wild Soul, Wolf Fang, Gnoll Head
Central Islands Hydra Toxin, Tropical Essence, Crab Arm, Damaged Adamantite, Damaged Turtle Tail, Turtle Tail
Naga Island Serpent Skin, Theurgic Water, Damaged Turtle Tail
Lothlorien Forest Ancient Spirit, Treant Twig, Gas of Corruption, Satyr's Hoof
Dark Dragon Marsh Triton Head, Gas of Corruption, Flask of Darkness, Dragon Skull
Snowy Mountains Wendigo Claw, Troll Head, Unique Ice Shard, Dragon Skull
*Death Seeker Periodically run by the Tomb at the Northern Mountains after killing Darianius, or the corrupted patch where Gafgarion spawns.
*Gran Grimoire-Fake A small chance to drop off Nilrem and Setag. Best to kill them to unlock them for the Battle Arena and just farm them there.Now In v0.9.4.1 Evil Wizard Drop Too
*Samurai's Amulet A small chance to drop off Kilrog or Gilgamesh. Best to kill them with Thief for higher drop rate. After unlocking them in the Battle Arena just farm them there.
*Demon's Blood Drops after destroying The Fountain of Blood in Kilrog's camp.
*Turtle Tail Drops if you let your player owned Turtle Transport die. Will not drop if killed BEFORE obtaining ownership of the turtle.

Current map developers: Karifean, psxlover

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