Battle arena is a fighting area where you could test your skills again very powerful opponent. Fights take place into 3 set of special Teams, per Cup. Battle Organizer are the one's you could visit in order to fight again some special foes encountered during a Cup. Note also that this area could be visited before completing any quests. But if you want to compete, like a quest, some conditions have to be met.


The Battle Arena (also known as the Coliseum) is located in south-west part of the map, near the Naga Islands. Players can enter either by foot passing through Naga Island or by using Thorns's help, in Kalm as a mean of teleportation. The gate to the Naga Islands is locked until a player opens it from the other side. Here, heroes can compete in tournaments against monsters and NPCs.

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As a representation of Gaia, every region have a Battle arena Cup with his name. In order to unlock every of them, read the requirement section bellow. Note also that game Difficulty influence availability of which Cup you could unlock, or not. As an example, Island Cup could not be played on Very Easy.

° General Leo

Inside the Arena, General Leo gives the player an introduction to the system if they talk to him. Later he will also sell Arena Tickets and Arena Premium Tickets. See Miniquest#Arena_Ticket for more information.

On the left side of the arena Battle Organizer stand there and offer you either to enter a competition again 3 randoms teams, or offers you a rematch again some specific team's.

Some cups (Team's set/battle set) can't be unlocked in difficulties lower than normal.

° Battle Organizer

Battle organizers are the NPCs standing around the Cup Organizer. They allow you to battle with certain teams (mostly bosses). To unlock these battles you have to beat them as world-bosses and then meet them during Cup fights. Exception are high end cup's bosses: Malboro, Tonberry, Cactuar, Aeshma as example...

° The unique cup

The Unique Cup is a little different than the rest: The first two times (1-2) you fight it, you have a chance to fight enemies you'l have never meet any where else : Tonberry, Cactaur, and Malboro. The next two times (3-4), you can fight a mix of them into 3 news sets : Slow but Powerful, Piercers, and Tainted Needles. The next two times (5-6) you may fight a Mega-Tonberry as the team Sub-Bevelle Guards, Kings of Green, Traitors of Sanubia and Horrendous Breath. After two more (7-8), you can fight Last Illusion Masters. Then, finally after more (maybe 4 or 6?) (8-10), you can fight Deadly Karma, the hardest fight in the whole cup.

(0.9.4 After unlocking Deadly Karma they will appear only in Dimensions cup)

Arena Cups

Cup Requirement Rewards Team's
Guardia Forest Cup
  • Setzer's Coin
  • X-Potion
  • Turbo Ether
  • 1500 Gold
  • Mark of the Claw
  • Forest Elite
  • Terror fangs
  • Amphibious woodsmen
  • Master of necromancy
  • Blacklord
  • Goblin scout
  • Infernal knight
  • Goblin guard
  • Outlawed
  • Blood fangs
Barrens Cup
  • Beat Guardia Forest Cup once.
  • Long Sword
  • Battle Axe
  • Round Shield
  • Iron Helmet
  • Studded Leather Armor
  • Greatest Khan
  • Death warlock
  • High volts
Mountains Cup
  • Beat Guardia Forest Cup three times.
  • Poison Wand
  • Cursed Wand
  • Ice Wand
  • Fire Wand
  • Thunder Wand
  • The black mages
  • Magic rocks
  • Ball on chains
  • Clan leaders joined
  • The black apprentices
  • Brutal stalkers
  • No think just hit
  • Master of necromancy
  • Lowly acolytes
  • Ogre patriarch
  • Not-so brainless
  • Outlaws
  • Death warlock
Island Cup
  • Beat Barrens and Mountains Cup. (Not Available on Very Easy difficulty)
  • Mithril Sword
  • Mithril Axe
  • Diamond Mail
  • Headgear of the Damned
  • Greater Totem of Power
  • Crystal Cutters
  • Dark Fish Clan
  • Evolved Tritons
  • Feared devastators
  • Hydra family
  • Lordof Tortoises
  • Magic Rocks
  • Mechanic Fighters
  • Savage Wolves
  • Sea Hunters
Chocobo Cup
  1. During a Guardian forest cup, defeat team's Cry of the feather.
Complete the Guardia Forest Cup 9 times (0.9.4 not needed)
  1. keep a chocobo inside the arena.
  • Speed Bracers
  • Luchil Nut
  • Carob Nut
  • Spirit Potion
  • Blood Ether
  • Cry of the feathers
  • Treasures hunters
  • The wrong friends
Unique Enemy Cup
  • Kill the three unique enemies (Cactuar, Malboro and Tonberry), then beat Island Cup 3 times (if you beat it 3 three times before killing the uniques, just beat it once more after killing the uniques)
  • Save the Queen
  • Dragon Wand
  • Excalibur
  • Death Skull
  • Touph Ring
  • Tonberry
  • Cactuar
  • Mutant Collab (Tempest Wyrm, Satyr Overseer, Vodyan)
  • Slow but powerfull (Malborrow, Tonberry)
  • Kings of greens (Cactuar, Malborrow, Tonberry)
  • Piercers
  • Golem Heros (Mithril, Fire, Blood golems)
  • Taimed Needles
  • Straight from Archylte (3x Adamant Tortoise Lv50)
Lothlorien Cup
  • Elixir
  • Remedy
  • Hero Drink
  • Greater Nectar
  • Crystal Shard
  • Confusion
  • Grand Satyre
  • Is that edible
  • Lower Quezadamans
  • Naga special forces
  • Power of nether
  • Unsaveable
Ningen Cup
  • Beat Island and Lothlorien Cup.
  • Absorber
  • Grand Helmet
  • Charm Gloves
  • Griever
  • Crystal Shard
  • Avalanche (Bigg Wedge Jessie)
  • The great warrior (Frakir)
  • A rat's tale (3 Bahamut*)
  • Elemental pendaren (Earth, Fire, Storm)
Demon Cup
  • Beat Lothlorien Cup three times.
  • Level 50+
  • Not available on Very Easy and Easy(As of 0.9.5 it's now available on Easy)
  • Fel Axe
  • Barbarian's Helmet
  • Sorcerer's Robe
  • Necklace of the Necromancer
  • Champion's Belt
  • Cursed Tomb
  • Demon trio
  • Fallen brave
  • Glory for tionat
  • Twisted Might
  • Shadow wizard united
  • Zodiack's legacy
Dimension Cup
  • Beat all other cups.
  • Level 99
  • Tetradic Tiara
  • Zodiac Helmet
  • Robe of Lords
  • Crystal Pieces
  • Megalixir
  • Judge's Helm
  • Lacerta
  • Bahamut's Guards (2x Ruby Dragon)
  • Abyssal wolves (3x Tindalos)
  • Odyne bangled (Mithryl Golem, Satyr Overseer)
  • Speed and Strength (Tindalos, Lacerta)
  • A real dragon! (Ruby dragon)
  • Heavenly weight (2x Adamantoise lv80, Adaman Taimi)
  • Farplane predators (Aeshma)


  • The player also receives EXP if they took part in 2 or more battles in a cup. The amount of EXP received is : EXP = (Cup Number) x 250
  • If the player wins the cup, a random reward from the possible rewards is spawned in the center of the arena.
  • Teams "Cry of the Feather" on Guardia Forest Cup only appear if you met some Requirement:. Kill one chocobo at Guardia Forest, or bring and protect a chocobo during fights for the first cup.


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