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Abilities Edit


Rapid Fire (Q) Edit

Shoots 8 flaming arrows, which explode on hit, damaging the target as well as surrounding enemies. This ability grows stronger if the Archer has a bow equipped. Costs 100 MP.

Damage type is considered Magical.

Upon using this ability, the Archer becomes immobile for a few seconds during which he shoots eight arrows in the target's general direction. The damage dealt by each arrow is calculated as follows for Level 1-10...

$ (ALVL * 20) + (AGI * 1.4 * SCALE) $

...and as follows for Master level...

$ 500 + (AGI * 1.4 * (SCALE + 0.5)) $

Whereas 'SCALE' depends on the weapon the Archer currently has equipped.

  • If the Archer currently has the Dark Bow equipped, SCALE is 2.
  • If the Archer currently has the Dark Bow B equipped, SCALE is 1.5.
  • If the Archer currently has the Seitengrat equipped, SCALE is 3.
  • Otherwise, SCALE is 1.
Additional Info

Note that the arrows explode on hit, so if enemies are clustered together they will all take damage from just one arrow. The explosions deal magic spell damage and are therefore only affected by magic damage reduction and deal double damage to Impenetrable armor type enemies.

This means Rapid Fire one of the most potent damaging abilities in the game. Its full potential is only realized, however, if the arrows actually hit their mark. Their hitbox is very small, so unless you are right up in your opponent's face at least a few of them will miss. Positioned correctly, however, there is no question that this ability deals a massive amount of damage, especially if boosted by having a bow equipped.

Arrowwave (W) Edit

The Archer shoots an arrow for each enemy, dealing 75/125/175/225/275 damage to nearby enemies. Costs 80 mana.

Damage increases by 50 per level until at Master level it jumps up to 600.

Additional Info

One of the Archer's bread and butter skills, Arrowwave is consistently useful. It deals a solid amount of damage and at only 10 seconds of cooldown (reduced to 8 at Master level) and an MP cost of just 80 it can be used very often. It clears gatherings of random weak enemies even better than Rapid Fire does.

Animal Companion (E) Edit

Calls animal companion - Wolf / Dire Wolf / Bear / Dire Bear / Ancient Bear. The animal companion stays with you permanently, but you can have only one animal companion at the same time. Since animal companions are not Eidolons other Archers may simultaneously summon multiply animal companions. Through feral link the companion draws its power from the Archer. Costs 200 mana.

Cooldown is 30 seconds at all levels. MP cost is 200 for the first ten levels, but falls to 150 at Master level.

Additional Info

Animal Companion is a decent ability. While the companions are not particularly powerful they can keep the Archer out of harm's way, and since they only expire by death the ability will easily cool down before the animal disappears.

On Master level however, the animal companion becomes the Hellhound which is quite a powerful helper. It deals Holy damage and attacks very fast, tearing through flans and similar enemies that would give the Archer himself trouble.

It's worthy of note that this ability actually only grows stronger on Levels 3, 5, 7, 9 and Master. The inbetween levels have no effect.

The companions do however grow stronger as the Archer himself levels up. Every Level Up the Archer gets increases their HP by 15 and damage by 1.

Aim (R) Edit

Increases base damage dealt by Archer by 100/108/116/124/132% but decreases attack speed by 50%. Lasts 60 seconds. Costs 60/64/68/72/76 mana.

Damage boost increases by 8% per level, reaching a massive 180% at Master level.

Cooldown is 45 seconds, but it falls to 20 seconds at Master level. Duration is always 60 seconds.

MP cost increases by 4 per level, reaching 100 at Master level.

Additional Info

A very strong ability. Since attack speed modifiers stack additively, not multiplicatively, the 50% attack speed reduction in practice never actually halves your attacks.

Starrain (T) Edit

Calls down waves of falling stars that damage nearby enemy units for 100/200/300 damage per second. Lasts for 10 seconds. Costs 250/300/350 MP.

Damage per star increases by 100 per level, but Master level puts it at 750. Keep in mind that Starrain only does half damage against structures.

MP cost increases by 50 per level, reaching 500 at Master level.

Additional Info

This is a rather simple ultimate skill but it deals a nice amount of damage and usually amounts to more damage than regular attacks, at least against multiple enemies. Beware as it can be interrupted by stunning abilities.

Marksmanship (Passive) Edit

Gives a 20% chance to deal 50 additional damage on an attack.

A rather weak natural ability, but by completing a simple quest it can be upgraded to one of the very best.

Improved Marksmanship (Passive) Edit

Gives a 25% chance to deal triple damage on an attack.

This ability effectively increases your attack damage by 50%, making it one of the strongest natural abilities in the game. Upgrading to this version is a highly recommended.


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