Ao Madoushi is the fourth quest in the main storyline. It is acquired by talking to Cid one minute after completing the previous quest, Stop Cid. The first objective of the quest is to find and talk to Ao Madoushi. He is located in the southeastern part of Guardia Forest, near an entrance to the Barrens. It should be noted that upon obtaining the quest, the game spawns several wolves on Ao Madoushi area,but the player must meet 2 person in order to get Eiko's flute, 1 is Rude at Northern Mountain top left of the portal, another is Reno lies in Barren bottom right of the region, after obtaining the Eiko's flute the game will spawn few bears on Ao Madoushi area, take the Eiko's flute to the area and Ao Madoushi will appear. After talking to Ao Madoushi, the player must return to Cid and talk to him. In the following cutscene, the Zodiac Stone breaks open and reveals a demon which teleports away after a short conversation with the player. Following this event, the player must talk to Ao Madoushi once more. Again, the game spawns monsters in the same area as the wolves and bears, this time, three Infernal Knights. Upon talking to Ao Madoushi, the quest is complete, the players are rewarded with 800 EXP and 1500 Gold, and the next quest of the main storyline, Eye of Jenova, is automatically obtained.


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