Annoying Monster is the thirty-sixth optional quest. It is obtained by talking to Lady Curse in Kalm. The objective of the quest is to find and kill the Annoying Monster, retrieve the item and return it to Lady Curse. The Annoying Monster can be found patrolling through a large part of the Northern Mountains and the Downbelow area. After defeating it, it drops the Important Thing For A Woman. Returning it to Lady Curse completes the quest. The player is rewarded with 2000 EXP and can now let Lady Curse curse items for them.

The Annoying Monster is just what it says: annoying. It has a 90% chance to dodge physical attacks and only takes 10% damage from magic spells. The easiest ways to defeat it are any forms of Bahamut, because he does undodgeable splash damage, and the Holy spell which ignores defense. The Archer with Improved Marksmanship also has a high chance of hitting the monster. Finally, if the player is equipped with the Excalipoor, they will do only 20% damage but never miss, giving an effective boost in damage.


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