The Ancient of Wonders is located in Lothlorien, the Night Elven town. As you progress through the Main Story Quest you will eventually be sent here. Upon certain quest completion the shop will update with a new Artifact item! These items can be very useful and much stronger and come to you at a good time when you're really needing some gear improvement. You may go to Lothlorien at anytime in the game but you may want to wait til your strong enough to handle the corrupted forest.. as a few of the quests take place there. 

Item Gold Crystals Unlock Type Level Effect
Ring of the Wise 45,000 18 Complete all quests obtained in Lothlorien as well as Naisha. Accessory 20 +30% EXP Gain, Stopproof
Champion's Belt 15,000 3 Complete Quest: Kill Nashj Accessory 25 Strength +30, Agility +25, Armor +20, Damage +40
Silver Glasses 3000 30 Unlock all cups in the Arena. Helmet 30 Blindproof
Absorber 60,000 8 Complete Quest: Fallen Ranger Shield 48 Armor +20, 40% Chance to Block, Reduce Piercing attacks taken to 70%, Reduce Magic Damage taken by 33%
Griever 35,000 14 Complete Quest: Kill Gafgarion Accessory 50 Damage +75, Armor +40, HP +1500, All Stats +25
Dragon Wand 40,000 15 Complete Quest: Defiled Fountain Weapon 60 Intelligence +50, Mana +2,000, Allows casting of Flare
Healing Staff 200,000 14 Complete Quest: Destroy Hashmalum Weapon 73 Intelligence +50, Mana Regen +50%, Reduce Magic Damage taken by 33%, If wielder is Priest: Allows casting of Esuna
Charm Gloves 80,000 14 Complete Quest: Save Nimphrodel Accessory 75 30% Chance to block 20,000 damage from a Physical Attack.
Zodiac Helmet 240,000 22 Complete Quest: The Bridge-Battle Helmet 88 HP +3,000, +100 HP/Sec Regeneration.
Tetradic Tiara 200,000 20 Complete Quest: Shinra's Plan Helmet 90 Intelligence +75, Mana +2,000, Mana Regen +50%, Reduce Magic Damage taken by 30%
Robe of Lords 190,000 22 Complete Quest: Arena Expansion Armor 97 Intelligence +50, HP +1,500, Mana +2,900, Mana Regen +100%

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